AESTHETIC VIEWS IN THE ILLIAD SCHOLIA, THE (in Codex Ven. B and Townleianus) Shelved with Theses and Dissertations

Subject: Ph. D. Dissertation (in part) – Switzerland – von Franz, Marie-Louise (1915-1998). Philosophy – Stoicism. Homer – Iliad. Homer – Scholia. Epic poetry – Greek manuscripts. Biblioteca nazionale Marciana. Manuscript. British Library. Manuscript. Townleyanus
Copyright Year: 2004
Publisher: Monograph of C. G. Jung Society, Seattle Library
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Notes: LOC reference under German title, Die aesthetischen anschauungen der Jliasscholien (im Codex ven. B. und Townleianus)
Marielouise FranzAUTHOR
Barbara HeatherTRANSLATOR
Constance EichenlaubTRANSLATOR