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Meet Our Team

Bette R. Joram, PhD, LMHC Co-President

Bette Joram, Ph.D., LMHC, a clinician in private practice in Seattle, has been a member of the Society since 1986. A Board member in the 1980’s, she served as President from 1989-1991, and returned as Co-President in 2018. Dr. Joram has presented lectures, workshops, and classes for the C. G. Jung Society, Seattle on dreams, Dionysus, alchemy, and other Jungian topics. She taught Introduction to Jungian Psychology for Bastyr University, Antioch University Seattle, the C. G. Jung Society, Seattle, and presented for the IASD and the C. G. Jung Society of Vancouver.

Randy Morris, PhD  Co-President

Randy Morris, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at Antioch University Seattle where he taught in the BA Liberal Studies Program for 30 years and was the coordinator of the Psychology and Spiritual Studies concentrations. Prior to his career at Antioch University, Randy taught K-12 students for 10 years, including 3 years at the Hiroshima International School in Hiroshima, Japan. He is also the President Emeritus of the Board at Rite of Passage Journeys, a non-profit dedicated to restoring rites of passage for youth, adults and elders, and where he led adult vision quests for many years. Randy is a Certified Sage-ing Leader with Sage-ing International where he serves on their ritual committee and continues to teach classes in Dreamwork, Ritual Process, Elderhood and Rites of Passage. He is the co-author of the book Nagasaki Spirits, Hiroshima Voices: Making Sense of the Nuclear Age and co-editor of the book Rites of Passage Into Elderhood. In his spare time he is a grandfather to four and likes to play pickleball, strum his guitar, and paddle his kayak in his beloved Salish Sea.

Sam Osborne, MA  Treasurer

Involved in various Society activities since 1996, Rev. Sam Osborne joined the Board in 2021 and now serves as Treasurer. Sam earned a master’s degree in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University in 2001, and has over 20 years’ experience in spiritual direction, nonprofit leadership, board governance, anti-racist, justice, and EDI work, community organizing, and fundraising. An ordained Gnostic priest, spiritual director, and lifelong student of Jung and depth psychology, he is currently pursuing a Counseling PsyD at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He lives on unceded Duwamish land currently known as Rainier Beach in southeast Seattle.

Larry Cole  Secretary

Larry Cole has been a member of the Jung Society for 6 years and has volunteered in the library (hooray for reopening!). Larry serves as the Society’s AV tech when we do live presentations, making sure Zoom functions properly ever since COVID. The Jung Society appealed to Larry because Jung seems to hold the answers for much that has troubled him personally and politically for years. The Society allows him to work on those issues in combination with so many like-minded and wonderful people. Larry is currently the secretary for the Board.

Akesha Baron, PhD

Akesha Baron, Ph.D. has had prolonged student careers in linguistics, anthropology, Zen Buddhism and the healing arts. She is a published creative and academic writer, parent to a teenager, and Seattle native. She speaks a Mayan language of Mexico called Tzotzil and does legal interpreting while dreaming of establishing a multipurpose community space to serve as village center to Seattle residents (leads and connections around this vision are always welcome!). Her pursuits of maturity, community and Jungian connections brought her to the Board of the Jung Society. Akesha is currently a Jungian analyst trainee at the C. G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht, Zurich.

Cece Briggs, PhD

Cece has had a life-long fascination with archetypal imagery and the mysterious workings of the psyche. She holds a PhD in Depth Psychology and Mythological Studies, and is currently Chair of Spiritual Studies at Antioch University Seattle. As Outreach Coordinator on the Board, Cece endeavors to expand the scope of the Society, and make important connections to foster its growth and influence.

Tamara Walker, DVM, MS, DACVS, MA   Librarian

An insatiable reader with a passion for books and learning, Tamara recently became the Jung Society’s newest librarian. Tamara’s experiences of ritual, grief, dreams, and the imagination through the Seattle-based nonprofit organization Rite of Passage Journeys and Bill Plotkin’s Animus Valley Institute inspired her to leave her 20-year career as a veterinary surgeon and obtain an M.A. in Jungian psychology. Having spent a lifetime imagining into the lived experience of non-human animals, Tamara was surprised to discover the resonance between her old profession as a veterinarian and a basic tenet of Jungian psychology: that “Psyche is real” (CW 11, par. 751) and that dream images and figures of the imagination are autonomous beings that must be approached ethically and honestly. Tamara is drawn towards experiences that activate her imagination such as ecologically intact wild spaces, radical honesty, and the dreamworld. She is excited to serve as librarian for the Jung Society and further engage with the expansive ideas behind Jung’s counter-cultural revelation of psyche. Tamara brings the experiences of being a partner in a large veterinary hospital, years of hosting community-based dream-work, and participating as a board member and community programs committee chair for Rite of Passage Journeys. Tamara is a technical rock climber and mountaineer and is learning to sea-kayak. Her family of origin lives in Canada and Southern Africa.

Hali Autumn   Office Manager

Hali Autumn is a multi-disciplinary artist working across filmic forms and photographic portraits using allegory and poetic symbology which explore human truths and personal mythology. Evident in her work are the elements of Jungian analysis: dreams, conscious/unconscious, anima and animus. She is the curator and organizer for the South Sound Experimental Film Festival, which debuted at the Northwest Film Forum in November 2021.

Jacob Cookston

Jacob has an uncanny understanding of the needs of our culture when it comes to the complexities of the psyche. He does the all-important work of reimaging psychology in a way that provides meaning to our sufferings. This is the life-altering move that shifts a person’s perspective from one of alienation, loss, and rejected pathology, to one in which wounding holds the great salve and power to liberate. At the society, Jacob lends his passion to the programming committee and membership coordination. Jacob is currently expanding his consciousness at Antioch University Seattle while carrying the torch that humanizes the human experience.

“Ultimate truth, if there be such a thing, demands a concert of many voices.”