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ANALYTICAL PSYCHOLOGY: notes of the seminar given in 1925

Subject: Analytical psychology: The Collected Works of C. G. Jung). Psychoanalysis. Theories of Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav),1875-1961.
Copyright Year: 1990
Publisher: Routledge
Quantity Available: 1
ISBN: 415046939
ICCN: 89003533
Dewey: 150.19/54
IC Class: BF173.J6661989
This title is from the Kate Millard Memorial Collection. These items are reference only and may not be checked out.1
Notes: From the book’s publcation data page: ‘The text here edited is that of the original transcript prepared by Cary F. de Angulo and privately issued in multigraphed form by ‘members of the class’ and copyrighted 1926 by Dr. C. G. Jung, Zurich’
Jung, Carl G.AUTHOR