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Jung Library Study Group

In person study group occurring the first Wednesday of every month starting, September 6th.

Noon – 2:00pm

Nancy Alvord Library at Good Shepherd Center, Room 222. 

Please join members Tamara Walker and Lael Cassidy for a new study group, which will meet the first Wednesday of each month from 12-2pm in the library, starting on September 6th. The intention is to invite the voice of C.G. Jung into the room, and to provide a space to reflect on them with our whole selves. We will be working with the text of Jung’s Dream Analysis Seminars of 1928-30.  All reading will happen in the meeting. Participants can read outside of class, but this is not expected nor required. Reading materials will be provided, and art supplies will be available for those who wish, so that the unconscious feels invited to participate. There will also be time to discuss–to share art and other feeling/thinking responses to the work. This event is free to whoever would like to attend.
Based on Jung’s (1984) Dream Analysis: Notes on the Seminar Given in 1928-1930.  The group is open to the public with a suggested donation of $10 per session.  For more information, contact Lael: laelk@comcast.net

Fairy Tale Fridays

September 1st, October 6th, November 3rd, December 1st

6:30-8:30pm PST 

ONLINE meetings held on the first Friday of every month. 

A study and discussion of various fairy tales facilitated by Stephanie Gierman, Jungian Analyst, and our very own Co-President, Bette R. Joram, Ph.D.

Purchase a Member or Non-member ticket to join the discussion. CEU ticket sold separately.

Jung Café

In Person Discussion Group: Saturday Mornings


“A complex is a strong feeling, and a defense against that feeling. That’s what splits it off from the regular ego.” (Donald Kalsched, This Jungian Life podcast, August 24, 2022)
Our in-person discussion group continues to meet weekly on Saturday mornings 11:00am to 12:30pm in the Nancy Alvord Library, room 222 of the Good Shepherd Center, Seattle. Participants suggest and discuss a variety of Jungian and depth psychological topics and benefit from community connection. Please join us!

Contact Laura at arweninrivendell@gmail.com with any questions, or just drop by!

We look forward to seeing you!

Glen Slater, Ph.D.

Dissociation and Posthumanism

Friday, October 20th, 2023

7-9pm PST

ONLINE Lecture

Technology & Soul: A Jungian Wisdom School of the Heart

Jung vs. Borg links psychological dissociation to tech, AI’s role in human development & deficits in the digital lifestyle for wellbeing.

In my forthcoming book, Jung vs. Borg: Finding the Deeply Human in a Posthuman Age, I describe the way psychological dissociation is implicated in the effect and development of many new technologies. This lecture will amplify such an understanding, focusing on our adaptation to the algorithmic architecture of the online world and inclination to grant artificial intelligence (AI) a determinative role in human becoming.
Jung’s work began by studying the dissociative tendencies of the psyche and evolved by describing and cultivating the contrasting capacity for psychological integration. In light of the breadth and depth of our psychic needs, he was also critical of the modern focus on science and technology. The arc of his psychology thus provides us with a means of comprehending the now evident deficits of the digital lifestyle, while also conceptualizing the dynamics necessary for individual and societal wellbeing as we make our way forward.

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Glen Slater, Ph.D.


Technocracy, Consciousness, and the New Counter Culture 

Saturday, October 21st, 2023

1-4pm PST

ONLINE Workshop

Technology & Soul: A Jungian Wisdom School of the Heart

Workshop:  New counter-culture vs. post-industrial tech.  Jung’s “myth of consciousness” guides holistic thinking for tech’s impact.

Describing the backlash to the industrialized way of life that occurred in the nineteen sixties and seventies, Theodore Roszak coined the term “counter-culture.” As he argued at the time, the essential focus of this movement was the growth of a world-altering technocracy.
This workshop will explore the idea that a new counter-culture—one that is more robust and enduring than its predecessor—may be arising in response to an even more encompassing post-industrial technocracy. In seminar format, utilizing writing exercises and group discussion, we will evaluate compensatory ideas and perspectives being generated by our current immersion in the technosphere and consider individual calling and purpose in light of these themes.
Jung’s “myth of consciousness” will anchor our explorations, especially in the way this calls forth holistic ways of thinking. Such an expansion of consciousness may prove to be the determinative factor in our relation to technology.

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